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The idea behind this site is to share as much visual content as possible.  I carry a GPS recording DSLR and an HD Camcorder.  My first priority is photography, but I take out the camcorder when I can.  

If you'd just like to peruse the pictures, check out the image section, or the highlight reels.  

Trail notes are designed to help hikers and runners learn more about a specific hike taken.  Here is what you'll find here:

Trails Taken - Route of the hike  

Mileage- How far was the hike  (I wear a GPS enabled watch, which records distance traveled, pace, elevation changes, etc.  It works great when I remember to turn it on.  Occasionally I lose the satellite signal, so please take these mileage numbers as an approximation, not necessarily an exact distance.)

Trailhead - Where did I start and finish, location of bathrooms, water, etc...

Notes and Impressions - I usually carry a small digital recorder to record voice notes, and enter the transcript here.   

I'll include the images here as well.  If I've taken video, you'll see it at the end of the notes.  




Rim Trail

The Rim Trail is a runner's dream, if you're a runner who likes hills.  There aren't really switch backs here, you just have to climb.  These hills go up and down, and can get a little crazy if there has been rain.  You may find yourself sliding down the trail if you're not careful.  

Trails Taken - East Bay Mud - Permit Required

Started at the Campolindo Drive trailhead

L up Rim Trail

R on Canyon trail, down to valley

Stay on trail, continues to Rheem Trail (Real nice climb at the end)

End at trailhead

Mileage - 2.3 miles

Trailhead - Where did I start and finish, location of bathrooms, water, etc...

Notes and Impressions - 

The Rim Trail (MAP HERE) is a 4.7 mile loop that circles the Lafayette Reservoir.  However, there are numerous trails that cross the valley and can give you a shorter but perhaps steeper hike or run.  The valley in the spring is a vibrant, almost glowing green.  It's what I imagine the hills of Ireland look like.  What you'll enjoy about the trail system here is the opportunity to get a great work out.  The trails are wide and accessible, but there are some seriously steep climbs as well.  You can zip up and down between the outer Rim trail and the trails that connect to the paved trail around the reservoir, or stay on the dirt fire road trail the whole time.   

The images here are from several hikes last year.  You can take the whole rim trail along the outer edges of the Lafayette Reservoir Recreation area, or hike across the lush valley in the middle.  Either way, you're guaranteed some hills and climbing.  

The area is loaded with wildlife.  You may hear or see wild turkey, deer, loads of jays, and an assortment of other raptor birds.  

Bring water, climbing hills makes you thirsty.  

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