Trail Videos


Shell Ridge Open Space Video

This video hike was shot last summer.  Shell Ridge Open Space is a very pretty, well traveled park.  You'll see hikers, runners, and dog walkers.  It's a beautful, accessible place, so check it out. 


Round Valley Regional Preserve Video

This video follows a loop hike on the Miwok and Hardy Canyon Trails.  For more information about this hike, see the trail notes.


Huckleberry Walkthrough, Part 2

This short video will give you some idea about how narrow the trails can get at Huckleberry Botanic Preserve. After the wet winter we had last year, the plants are just reaching out to touch you as you hike.  These walk through videos are all taken on the Huckleberry Path, the 1.7 mile loop that showcases some of the rare and beautiful plants and trees of the East Bay.  There is a naturalist written pamphlet at the trail head that will point out some of the unique vegitation as you hike.  The trees and plants featured in the pamphlet have numbered sign posts in front of them, so they're easy to find.  For more information about this trail, please visit the trail notes.



Hayward Regional Shoreline Video

Hayward Regional Shoreline is a beautiful place to hike, run, or bike.  There are thousands of birds coming in and out, and you'll have an opportunity to watch them feed if you time it right.  The best time to see them is at low tide.  You can see a tide chart here.   You may want to review this site to better understand the types of birds you will see.  There is also an interpretive center located right at the shoreline.  It's that brown shingled building you see as you drive by on Highway 92.  

Trail Map

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This video was taken on a rainy afternoon on January 13th, 2011. 


Winter Morning in a Redwood Forest

This video was taken on March 20th, 2011, after some recent storms.