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Cataract Trail to Laurel Dell

What a spectacular place!
This hike is located in the Marin Municipal Water District watershed, up near Fairfax.  The land is lush and vibrant, full of streams, waterfalls, a huge variety of trees, mosses and ferns.  You can soak up nature in this 3.02 mile (round trip) hike, and leave calm, refreshed and inspired.  
Take Bolinas Road in Fairfax to Mile Marker 8.13.  It's just past the narrow bridge you'll drive over.  Park on the side of the road.  Cataract Trail starts here.
Here is the Trail Map.  You'll see the Cataract Trail at the southwest part of the map, at the lower part of Alpine Lake. 
There are toilets and picnic tables in Laurel Dell, which is a great setting to rest, eat and contemplate.
Route: From the trailhead, take Cataract Trail to Laurel Dell.  Hang out in Laurel Dell, then, take Cataract Trail back to the trailhead.  Total distance: 3.02 miles.  
Of course, use the map if you want to expore more of the watershed.  I definitely plan on going back. 
Here are a few scenes:
Lush trails next to the water
Trail has stairs, but they are well maintained
Beautiful bridges and streams
Land of the Lost?

Lush and vibrant
This place has tremendous character...very worth a visit!


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