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Dawn - Twin Ponds Loop - Diablo Foothills

Early morning light illuminates hillside oaks

The Twin Ponds loop is a nice dawn hike, and an even better run. It's a short 2.4 mile loop that takes you through classic Northern California landscape of rolling hills, canyons and twisted oaks. 


The trailhead is located at the end of Whitecliff Way in Walnut Creek. Click here for directions. 

Please be respectful of the residents if you get there early in the morning. There is street parking only in this residential area.

Go through the gate and bear right. I took the lower loop trail on the right. 

Walk through a beautiful oak grove...rolling, oak covered hills are on your right, a dry canyon bed is on the left. In the rainy season, this won't be so dry. 

The oaks were changing color in the late fall.

.12 Keep left at split

Until you get to Bullfrog Pond, you'll be on a single track trail with a slight incline. Although no bikes are allowed, 5 bikers came barreling down this trail at dawn. They saw me but didn't slow down, so pay attention when you're out there. 

Early morning light hits a grove of oaks at the top of the hillThis big oak reaches out to hikers on the trail

.61 miles, take a left on to the marked Twin Ponds Trail. Bullfrog Pond (dried up at this point) is on the right.

Keep right after pond and continue.

.71 miles keep straight on Twin Ponds Loop Trail. This is also marked. 

.76 miles, keep left at split. (Taking the other trail is a short detour).

.80 Nice bench

If you sit here at dawn, while the sun rises, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your back as you listen to the birds.

.93 Keep Right at split

1.08 Another beautiful bench

1.18 Continue through beautiful Oak forest




1.40 Left on to Twin Ponds Loop Trail...Pond is on your right...Go left past bench

1.83 Cross Bridge


2.08 Keep left

2.15 Trail splits...Left is wide trail, but you go right, on to single track in to the Oak forest. This will take you back to the trailhead.


2.40 Finish

Total mileage was 2.40 miles. There are numerous side trails that can take you follow all the way to Mt. Diablo State Park.  This hike is in Walnut Creek Open Space. Be prepared and enjoy your hike!

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