These galleries contain all the pictures from a hike, in order, so you'll be able to follow the trail from start to finish.  (Out and back hikes usually contain just one direction.)

Below the images is a photo map. All the images are geo tagged, so you can see where they were taken and have a better idea about what kind of trail to expect.  


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“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity... and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” 
― William Blake


King's Canyon, December 2010

Because this hike is next to water, you'll see quite a few water birds.  You might also see horses grazing from neighboring ranches, coyotes, deer, california newts and fellow hikers/runners. 


Carquinez Regional Shoreline

Scenes from our photo tour with Naturalist Kevin Damstra of EBRPD. 


Rim Trail

A hike on the Rim Trail in Moraga

King's Canyon Trail from Rancho Laguna Park

The King's Canyon loop, or part of it, can be easily accessed from Rancho Laguna Park.  You'll wander past a few cows to connect to the trail.

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